Unite for World Suicide Prevention Day


World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated on the 10th of September yearly. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Creating hope through action”. Now the theme resonates greatly in this trying times where we are faced with the Covid-19 pandemic.

I cannot deny the fact that many individuals took their own lives in light of the pandemic which struck. The events published in the local media while tragic serves as a reminder that we all must unite and help to promote suicide prevention in our own humble ways.

I am taken back to the time when I was a young broadcast journalist covering the then World Suicide Prevention Day which lead me to get to know the Befrienders KL and the good work they do such as providing emotional support to people who are lonely, in distress, in despair, and having suicidal thoughts. They do all these without charge and more importantly in a confidential manner.

Since then I have always been a strong advocate for the Befrienders KL and their services. What is really moving is their tagline of ‘Sedia Bersahabat’ or “Ready to Befriend”. It speaks volume of hope that they are ready to listen to all who reach out to them.

I also fondly remember being offered to be part of their support team. However I knew in my heart that God had other candidates. That being said I would like to help the Befrienders KL in my own way, and urge those who are willing to contribute time and effort to volunteer by joining them.

If you can lend an ear to the problems of others in a caring, supportive and non-judgmental manner. Why not volunteer offer your services to a good cause? I am sure you will be provided with the right training.

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