‘We, the rakyat are suffering’


I could have died if i cannot find a hospital bed. On the 5 October at 1.30am I was breathless. My wife and son rushed me to the Emergency Section of the Sunway Medical Centre . They put me on oxygen and revived me.

I had a rude shock when Sunway told me that they have no bed for me. They however told my wife that they will try to help find a bed in other hospitals.I was willing to go to either a private or a public hospital in the Klang Valley. Sunway reported that they have called 13 hospital but none have a bed for me. Can you imagine the dilemma and anxiety that my wife and I were going thru with those NO VACANCY news.

Luckily , the 14th Hospital, which is the Shah Alam Hospital was willing to squeeze me in. I was told to rush to their emergency section immediately.At 4.30 am, the ambulance with full siren blasting rush me to Shah Alam.

I am 73 years old , a former Army Capt scrambling to find a bed to save my life. This is more frightening than when I started to serve Malaysia as a 21 years old 2Lt looking for Communist Terrorist in our jungles.

The doctors finally identified my sickness as severe pneumonia with lung infection. They found water in my lungs.They drew about two liters of water from it. It was the Shah Alam team of very hardworking young doctors, nurses who saved my life.

I was discharged on 14 October. I realized the poor and inadequate state of our Medical facilities. I am on a long road to recovery. I hope our overcrowded hospital has the equipment, medicine and resources to help me recover.

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