The ‘Prince of Wales’ cowardly lecture the Agong


A certain “Prince of Wales” felt fit to lecture the Yang di Pertuan Agong, the Monarch of a sovereign nation Malaysia, which they used to call Malaya. We thought the colonial era and mentality is long over but behold it is still very much alive.

Was this perhaps what Haji Hadi in his “Minda Presiden Pas” sermon was referring to when he said “Although the foreign colonial powers had returned to their country but their colonialists agenda is still ongoing until today.They are the enemy of Islam.”

Haji Hadi and Pas are extremely vocal against foreign anti Islam nationals attacks on Malaysia threathening this Malay Islamic Government which they have been warning us for a long time.

Who exactly is this “Prince of Wales” who has his own Queen who arrogantly attacked our King ?

He is proud of his Welsh-British family background and being of royal descent perhaps qualify to be called the “Prince of Wales”.

Also known as RPK, the “Prince of Wales” is none other than Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a British citizen, who used to reside in Malaysia.

After having attacked the past few Malaysian Prime Ministers including Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib when in Malaysia, he decided to flee back to his motherland where he continued to attack various other Malaysian politicians. He lost various legal court cases but failed to pay any penalty, cowardly seeking refuge under the safety of the Queen of England’s protection in Britain.

Now he decides to repeat his cowardly long distance malicious attacks on the Agong in the on going episode between the Palace and the PN Government.

Strangely he was known to be a royalist before this. Why does a known royalist who is not residing in Malaysia and not even a citizen wants to attack the King of Malaysia ?

Even more strange is why is Pas who is vehemently against foreign colonialist citizen interference and the champion defender of the sacred Malay Islamic Malay Rulers not speak out and condemn Raja Petra’s insolence against the Agong ?

PAS preaches the need to show total loyalty to Ulil Amri, supreme head of the Muslims, which are the Malay rulers.

A foreign citizen from a former colonial power attacking the King and Pas is playing dumb ?

Could it be because Raja Petra used to frequent Haji Hadi’s Friday sermons in Rusila when he was residing in Terengganu in 1970s and 1980s ?

Could it also be because Raja Petra’s brother , Raja Idris also a British pasport holder, has been appointed by the present Pas Terengganu government to head various GLCs with very lucrative salary and perks ?

When the dismal performances and problems of some of the GLC’s under Raja Idris were raised, Raja Petra was furious at the attacks on his brother and attacked me. Of course from the comfort of his safe home in Britain.

Could Pas be silent and allow, or perhaps even welcomed, Raja Petra’s attack on the Agong who is head of Islam because Pas wants to erode the religious authority of the Rulers with their plan to take over the role of head of Islam eventually ? Many religious authorities and departments are now filled by Pas supporters.

In short, could Raja Petra be PAS’s “foreign agent” doing its biddings from the safety of a foreign country which happen to be our former coloniser ? An irony here perhaps.

Raja Petra’s action is a rather cowardly act not befitting of A “Prince of Wales”.

If he really cares about Malaysia and have any sense of responsibility he should be courageous enough to make all his allegations in person in Malaysia .

If a famous lady British writer is courageous enough to write about major matters regarding Malaysia and have been in and out of Malaysia, Raja Petra should be man enough to do the same instead of hiding behind the Queens protection.

The Pas President who initially sued the same Serawak Report journalist in the British court but later mysteriously withdrew the case while paying her all the costs amounting to millions of ringgit, should have been better advised by Raja Petra.

Why is Pas not defending our King as the Ulil Amri- head of Islam, against foreign enemies of Islam and Malays as they had promised to do ?

Is it now against Pas political interests and ambitions to stop the “Prince of Wales”- RPK, from attacking our King?

There are obvious links between Raja Petra directly with PAS as well as through his brother who works for Pas.

Obviously Raja Petra and PAS is unhappy with PN ‘s governments fragile position and try to pressure the King to act in their favour.

The Agong had been trying to be fair and consented to the formation of the PN Government and the second request for darurat earlier.

The government has to admit it has failed miserably on many fronts. The King has got a duty to the rakyat to do what is fair to save lives , the economy and the nation.

Raja Petra, Mahiaddin and Pas should realise from the time they implemented the Sheraton move coupe and became a backdoor government, things will catch up.

Remember what goes round comes round.