Forging ahead through unity and patriotism


The spirit of unity and patriotism shown by Malaysians during our National Day celebrations this year must be commended. This is the second straight year that we are celebrating Hari Merdeka under a new normal.

However, I must say that our spirits were not hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic and rightfully so as Malaysians took to social media to express their well wishes and celebrate virtually.

What moved me particularly was that Malaysians from all walks of life were proud to express not only their patriotism, but true love for our beloved nation.

There is no value one can place on patriotism. It is not measured by the size of the Jalur Gemilang flown or by how loud one chants the word Merdeka. It comes from the heart. It has always been from the heart. So, please do not let the Merdeka spirit taper off.

Keep flying the Jalur Gemilang majestically. It doesn’t matter if it’s on top of your car or on a pole in your garden or even if it’s in the front of your business premises.

Allow the Jalur Gemilang and all its glory serve as a source of strength. Let it give our frontliners the hope to battle on one more day. Let it be a guide for us to nurture hope to overcome this pandemic together.

The Covid-19 pandemic while tragic brought out the best in Malaysians. We showed each other that we are family. We took care of each other. The Malaysian brotherhood was strengthened and reinforced.

So I humbly ask everyone to please carry on this renewed and strengthened bond of unity. We are all children of Malaysia. It is high time for us to unite in our battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, not as selfish individuals, but as a family.